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Effect of apo-lactoferrin on leukotoxin and outer membrane vesicles of Mannheimia haemolytica A2.

ABSTRACT: Mannheimia haemolytica serotype A2 is the principal cause of pneumonic mannheimiosis in ovine and caprine livestock; this disease is a consequence of immune suppression caused by stress and associated viruses and is responsible for significant economic losses in farm production worldwide. Gram-negative bacteria such as M. haemolytica produce outer membrane (OM)-derived spherical structures named outer membrane vesicles (OMVs) that contain leukotoxin and other biologically active virulence factors. In the present study, the relationship between M. haemolytica A2 and bovine lactoferrin (BLf) was studied. BLf is an 80 kDa glycoprotein that possesses bacteriostatic and bactericidal properties and is part of the mammalian innate immune system. Apo-BLf (iron-free) showed a bactericidal effect against M. haemolytica A2, with an observed minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) of 16 µM. Sublethal doses (2-8 µM) of apo-BLf increased the release of OMVs, which were quantified by flow cytometry. Apo-BLf modified the normal structure of the OM and OMVs, as observed through transmission electron microscopy. Apo-BLf also induced lipopolysaccharide (LPS) release from bacteria, disrupting OM permeability and functionality, as measured by silver staining and SDS and polymyxin B cell permeability assays. Western blot results showed that apo-BLf increased the secretion of leukotoxin in M. haemolytica A2 culture supernatants, possibly through its iron-chelating activity. In contrast, holo-BLf (with iron) did not have this effect, possibly due to differences in the tertiary structure between these proteins. In summary, apo-BLf affected the levels of several M. haemolytica virulence factors and could be evaluated for use in animals as an adjuvant in the treatment of ovine mannheimiosis.

SUBMITTER: Avalos-Gomez C 

PROVIDER: S-EPMC7059318 | BioStudies | 2020-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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