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BMD42-2910, a Novel Benzoxazole Derivative, Shows a Potent Anti-prion Activity and Prolongs the Mean Survival in an Animal Model of Prion Disease.

ABSTRACT: Prion diseases are a group of neurodegenerative and fatal central nervous system disorders. The pathogenic mechanism involves the conversion of cellular prion protein (PrPC) to an altered scrapie isoform (PrPSc), which accumulates in amyloid deposits in the brain. However, no therapeutic drugs have demonstrated efficacy in clinical trials. We previously reported that BMD42-29, a synthetic compound discovered in silico, is a novel anti-prion compound that inhibits the conversion of PrPC to protease K (PK)-resistant PrPSc fragments (PrPres). In the present study, 14 derivatives of BMD42-29 were obtained from BMD42-29 by modifying in the side chain by in silico feedback, with the aim to determine whether they improve anti-prion activity. These derivatives were assessed in a PrPSc-infected cell model and some derivatives were further tested using real timequaking induced conversion (RT-QuIC). Among them, BMD42-2910 showed high anti-prion activity at low concentrations in vitro and also no toxic effects in a mouse model. Interestingly, abundant PrPres was reduced in brains of mice infected with prion strain when treated with BMD42- 2910, and the mice survived longer than control mice and even that treated with BMD42-29. Finally, high binding affinity was predicted in the virtual binding sites (Asn159, Gln 160, Lys194, and Glu196) when PrPC was combined with BMD-42-2910. Our findings showed that BMD42-2910 sufficiently reduces PrPres generation in vitro and in vivo and may be a promising novel anti-prion compound.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC7075655 | BioStudies | 2020-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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