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Red-Emission Probe for Ratiometric Fluorescent Detection of Bisulfite and Its Application in Live Animals and Food Samples.

ABSTRACT: Key roles of bisulfite (HSO3 -) in food quality assurance and human health necessitate a reliable analytical method for rapid, sensitive, and selective detection of HSO3 -. Herein, a new red-emitting ratiometric fluorescence probe, BIQ, is reported for sensitive and selective detection of HSO3 - in food samples and live animals. Probe BIQ recognizes HSO3 - via a 1,4-nucleophilic addition reaction. As a result of this specific reaction, emission intensities at 625 and 475 nm are dramatically changed, allowing the detection of HSO3 - in a ratiometric fluorescence model in an aqueous solution. The obvious changes of solution color from pink to transparent and fluorescence color from rose-red to cyan allow the detection of HSO3 - by naked eyes. Furthermore, probe BIQ has fast response in color and fluorescence (<2 min), excellent selectivity, and a low detection limit (0.29 ?M), which enables its application in HSO3 - detection in food samples and live organisms. The practical applications of probe BIQ are then demonstrated by the visualization of HSO3 - in live animals (zebrafish and nude mouse) as well as the determination of HSO3 - in white wine and sugar.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC7081445 | BioStudies | 2020-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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