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Comprehensive analysis of the associations between previous pregnancy failures and blastocyst aneuploidy as well as pregnancy outcomes after PGT-A.



To investigate the associations of previous pregnancy failures, including implantation failures (IFs), biochemical pregnancy losses (BPLs), and early (EMs) and late miscarriages (LMs), with blastocyst aneuploidy and pregnancy outcomes after PGT-A.


This study included 792 couples who underwent PGT-A after multiple pregnancy failures. Subgroup analyses were used to compare the blastocyst aneuploidy rate (BAR), implantation rate (IR), early miscarriage rate (EMR), and live birth rate (LBR). Multiple linear and logistic regression models were used to evaluate the associations. The control group comprised couples with ??2 IFs, ??1 BPL, ??1 EM, and no LM.


Notably, a history of ??4 IFs was significantly associated with an increase in aneuploid blastocysts (42.86% vs. 33.05%, P?=?0.044, B?=?10.23 for 4 IFs; 48.80% vs. 33.05%, P?=?0.002, B?=?14.43 for ??5 IFs). Women with ??4 prior EMs also harbored more aneuploid blastocysts (41.00% vs. 33.05%, P?=?0.048; B?=?9.23). Compared with the control group, women with ??4 prior EMs had a significantly higher EMR (6.58% vs. 31.11%, P?ConclusionA history of high-order IFs or EMs and existence of LM(s) were significantly associated with blastocyst aneuploidy and adverse pregnancy outcomes after PGT-A, whereas no such associations were observed with BPLs or 2 EMs.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC7125264 | BioStudies | 2020-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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