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Interleukin-35 sensitizes monocytes from patients with asthma to glucocorticoid therapy by regulating p38 MAPK.

ABSTRACT: The activation of monocytes and macrophages is associated with steroid-resistant (SR) asthma. Interleukin-35 (IL-35) is an important anti-inflammatory cytokine, but its regulatory effects on monocytes in patients with SR asthma is not fully understood. Based on clinical response to oral prednisolone, 34 patients with steroid-sensitive (SS) asthma and 20 patients with SR asthma were enrolled in the present study. Serum IL-35 levels were analyzed using the Luminex 200 platform. Monocytes from patients with asthma were pretreated with IL-35 followed by dexamethasone (DEX) and lipopolysaccharide (LPS), then corticosteroid sensitivity was evaluated according to the half-maximal inhibitory concentration of DEX with respect to LPS-induced IL-6 maximal production in monocytes (DEX-IC50). The percentage of maximal inhibition of IL-6 by DEX was presented as Emax. Phosphorylated-P38 mitogen activated kinase (p-p38 MAPK) and mitogen-activated protein kinase phosphatase-1 (MKP-1) were examined by flow cytometry and reverse transcription-quantitative PCR analysis, respectively. Glucocorticoid receptor (GR) binding to the glucocorticoid response element (GRE) was assessed by chromatin immunoprecipitation. Compared with patients with SS asthma, patients with SR asthma had lower IL-35 expression levels (P<0.05). Correlation analysis results demonstrated that the expression levels of IL-35 showed a weak negative correlation with log DEX-IC50 (r=-0.351; P<0.01) and a moderate positive correlation with Emax value (r=0.4501; P<0.01) in all patients with asthma. Moreover, IL-35 enhanced DEX-suppressed IL-6 production and the DEX-induced upregulation of the MKP-1 mRNA expression level in monocytes from both patient groups (P<0.01). In addition, IL-35 inhibited p-p38 MAPK expression in monocytes, and these effects were mediated via an increase in DEX-induced GR binding to GRE. Therefore, IL-35 may be involved in the corticosteroid enhancing effects in monocytes of patients with SR and SS asthma, suggesting potential benefits of IL-35 supplementation in asthmatics with DEX.

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