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Antibodies against Malondialdehyde in Haemodialysis Patients and Its Association with Clinical Outcomes: Differences between Subclasses and Isotypes.

ABSTRACT: Patients on haemodialysis (HD-patients) have an increased risk of premature death. Low levels of IgM antibodies against malondialdehyde (anti-MDA) are associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) with underlying potential mechanisms described. Here, we studied subclasses and isotypes of anti-MDA in 210 HD-patients with mortality as outcome (56% men, median age 66, Interquartile range (IQR) 51-74 years, vintage time 29 (15-58) months, mean follow up period of 41 (20-60)months). Patients were also divided into inflamed c-reactive protein (CRP >5.6 mg/mL) and non-inflamed. Antibody levels were measured by ELISA. In multivariate risk analysis, patients in low tertile of IgM anti-MDA sub-distribution hazard ratio (sHR 0.54); 95% confidence interval (CI: 0.34-0.89) inversely and significantly associated with all-cause mortality after five years, after adjusting for confounders. Low tertile of IgG (sHR 0.48, 95%CI: 0.25-0.90, p = 0.02) and IgG1 (sHR 0.50, CI: 0.24-1.04, p = 0.06) was associated low mortality among non-inflamed patients. In contrast, anti-MDA IgG2 among inflamed patients was significantly associated with increased mortality, IgG2(sHR 2.33, CI: 1.16-4.68, p = 0.01). IgM anti-MDA was a novel biomarker among HD-patients with low levels being associated with mortality, while low levels of IgG and IgG1 but not IgA anti-MDA were associated with mortality only among non-inflamed patients. IgG2 anti-MDA was a significant risk marker among inflamed patients, which could be related to infection.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC7141181 | BioStudies |

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