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Investigating the Fluid-Solid Interaction of Acid Nonionic Nanoemulsion with Carbonate Porous Media.

ABSTRACT: The subject of rock-fluid interaction is important in cases where flow through porous media is occurring. One special case is when the fluid reacts with the porous matrix. In this case, the mass transfer and reaction rate control the dissolution pattern. This article aimed to study the interaction between an acid nanoemulsion system and a carbonate porous media. Nanoemulsions were developed to retard the rock's dissolution and to promote the formation of conductivity channels. Nanoemulsions were prepared using ALK100 (alkyl alcohol ethoxylate) and RNX110 (alkylphenol ethoxylate) (nonionic surfactants), sec-butanol (co-surfactant), xylene isomers (oil phase), and a solution of HCl (aqueous phase). The obtained systems were characterized in terms of surface tension, droplet diameter, and reactivity. X-ray fluorescence/diffraction (XRF/XRD) and X-ray microtomography (microCT) were performed on carbonate porous media samples treated with the acid systems in order to observe the effects of the fluid-rock interaction. The results showed that the acid nanoemulsion, presenting a low oil content formulation, showed the low surface tension and droplet size characteristic of nanoemulsions. It was experimentally verified that the reactivity in the nanoemulsion media was mass-transfer-retarded, and that the wormhole pattern was verified under the studied conditions.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC7144471 | BioStudies |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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