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I Am a Nursing Student but Hate Nursing: The East Asian Perspectives between Social Expectation and Social Context.

ABSTRACT: From the East Asian social and cultural perspectives and contexts, this study aimed to understand the relationships and behaviors between nursing students' sense of filial piety and their decision-making behind selecting nursing education as their major. Forty-two traditional-age nursing students (i.e., six men and 36 women) at their final year of a bachelor's degree program in nursing were invited. The findings indicated that many nursing students disliked their university major and the potential career pathway as a nursing professional, as none of them selected the major based on their choice and interest. The environmental context and family's recommendations were the major impacts to influence the decision-making process of the participants. The result also indicated that filial piety, parents' recommendations, and elderly people's suggestions were the key factors to influence the selections and decisions of university major and career development pathways. The study provided a blueprint for related staff and professionals to create and design career counselling and services for East Asian youths to enable life investment and development.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC7177300 | BioStudies |

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