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DNA Barcoding Silver Butter Catfish (Schilbe intermedius) Reveals Patterns of Mitochondrial Genetic Diversity Across African River Systems.

ABSTRACT: The silver butter catfish (Schilbe intermedius) is widely distributed across African river systems. To date, information on its mitochondrial genetic diversity, population structure, and historical demography are not well-established. Herein, we combined newly generated mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase (COI) subunit I gene sequences with previously published COI sequences in the global databases to reconstruct its phylogeography, population genetic structure, and historical demography. Results from the mtDNA phylogeography and species delimitation tests (Cluster algorithm - Species Identifier, Automatic Barcode Gap Discovery and Poison Tree Process model) revealed that S. intermedius comprises at least seven geographically defined matrilines. Although the overall haplotype diversity of S. intermedius was high (h = 0.90), results showed that East (Kenya) and West (Nigeria) African populations had low levels of haplotype diversity (h = ~0.40). In addition, population genetic polymorphism and historical demographics showed that S. intermedius populations in both East and West Africa underwent severe contractions as a result of biogeographic influences. The patterns of genetic diversity and population structure were consistent with adaptive responses to historical biogeographic factors and contemporary environmental variations across African river systems. This is suggestive of the influence of historical biogeographic factors and climatic conditions on population divergence of S. intermedius across African river systems. Given our discovery of previously underappreciated diversity within S. intermedius, we recommend that this species be considered for increased conservation and management.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC7184614 | BioStudies |

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