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A novel mutation in the SERAC1 gene correlates with the severe manifestation of the MEGDEL phenotype, as revealed by whole-exome sequencing.

ABSTRACT: The condition 3-methylglutaconic aciduria (3-MGA) with deafness, encephalopathy and Leigh-like (MEGDEL) syndrome, also known as 3-MGA IV, is one of a group of five rare metabolic disorders characterized by mitochondrial dysfunction, resulting in a series of phenotypic abnormalities. It is a rare, recessive inherited disorder with a limited number of cases reported worldwide; hence, it is important to study each case to understand its genetic complexity. An impaired activity of serine active site-containing protein 1 (SERAC1), caused by mutations, leads to defects in phosphatidylglycerol remodelling, which is important for mitochondrial function and intracellular cholesterol trafficking. In the present study, the patients (two male siblings of consanguineous Turkish parents) were analysed, whose multisystem dysfunctions, including an elevated 3-MGA concentration in early age, hearing loss and Leigh-like syndrome as determined by MRI, were consistent with MEGDEL syndrome. A novel mutation in the SERAC1 gene, in the upstream lipase domain, c.1015G>C (p.Gly339Arg) mutation located on exon 10 of the SERAC1, was identified and predicted to cause protein dysfunction. Furthermore, the results pointed towards a possible association between this mutation and the severity of MEGDEL syndrome.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC7185166 | BioStudies |

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