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Plasma exo-hsa_circRNA_0056616: A potential biomarker for lymph node metastasis in lung adenocarcinoma.

ABSTRACT: Background: To investigate the relationship between CXCR4-related circular RNAs (circRNAs) in exosomes and lymph node metastasis of lung adenocarcinoma. Methods: Totally 41 lung adenocarcinoma tissues (21 with lymph node metastasis and 20 without) were collected. Expression of CXCR4 protein was detected by western blotting analysis. A stable PC9/CXCR4-shRNA and PC14/CXCR4-shRNA knockdown lung adenocarcinoma cell lines were established and subjected to functional assays (cell proliferation, colony formation, migration and invasion) for phenotype changes. Exo-hsa-circRNAs (has-circRNAs in exosomes) were detected in vivo and in vitro. The diagnostic value of differentially expressed exo-has-circRNAs was evaluated. Results: Expression levels of CXCR4 were higher in patients with lymph node metastasis than in those without (P = 0.001). Silencing CXCR4 expression in PC9 and PC14 cell lines with short hairpin RNA could effectively abolish colony formation frequency, proliferation rate, migration rate, and the number of invasive cells (all P < 0.001). Exo_circRNA_0056616 was detected in both PC-9/CXCR4-shRNA cells and lung adenocarcinoma plasma at significantly higher levels than in the corresponding control (P < 0.001). When a receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve for plasma exo-hsa_circRNA_0056616 levels and diagnosis of lymph node metastasis of lung adenocarcinoma was generated, a cutoff value of 0.394 was identified with an area under the curve of 0.812 (95% confidence interval 0.720-0.903), a sensitivity of 0.792, and specificity of 0.810. Conclusions: Taken together, our findings suggested that CXCR4 was higher in the lung adenocarcinoma tissues with lymph node metastasis. Higher plasma levels of exo-hsa_circRNA_0056616 in these patients also suggest that this circRNA represents a potential biomarker for lymph node metastasis predictor in lung adenocarcinoma.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC7196257 | BioStudies | 2020-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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