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Comparison of clinically significant prostate cancer detection by MRI cognitive biopsy and in-bore MRI-targeted biopsy for naive biopsy patients.

ABSTRACT: Background:Multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging (mpMRI) targeted prostate biopsy increases the diagnostic accuracy of clinically significant prostate cancer (PCa). Currently there is no consensus on which type of MRI-targeted biopsy performs better in a given setting. In this study, we aimed to compare the detection rate of (clinically significant) PCa by MRI cognitive targeted biopsy (COG) and in-bore MRI-targeted biopsy (IB) techniques for naïve prostate biopsy patients in China. Methods:Our study included 85 men from Beijing United Family Hospital and Clinics and 88 men from Beijing Hospital, National Center of Gerontology. All men had no history of prostate biopsy, undergoing mpMRI scan due to elevated PSA and/or abnormal DRE. The men in Beijing United Family Hospital group received COG plus systematic biopsy. The men in Beijing Hospital group only received IB. Results:The median age in COG and IB group was 63.0 years and 70.0 years (P<0.01). The median PSA was 7.4 and 6.8 ng/mL in COG and IB group respectively (P=0.124). The detection rate of PCa was 36.5% by COG and 52.3% by IB (P=0.037). The detection rate of clinically significant PCa (Gleason score ?7) was 23.5% and 29.5% by COG and IB (P=0.371) respectively. In COG group, combination biopsy (COG + systematic biopsy) achieved improved PCa (42.4%) and clinically significant PCa (28.2%) detection rate compared with COG alone. However, there was no difference in overall PCa and clinically significant PCa detection between combination biopsy and IB. Conclusions:IB had a higher rate of overall PCa detection compared with COG, but the two approaches did not differ significantly in the detection of clinically significant PCa. There was no significant difference in detection rate of PCa and clinically significant PCa between the combination biopsy and IB.

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