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ESR, STESR, DFT, and MD Study of the Dynamical Structure of Cucurbituril[7]-Spin Probe Guest-Host Complexes.

ABSTRACT: We study the molecular dynamics and structures of the guest-host complexes of cucurbituril, CB[7], with spin probes through the conventional electron spin resonance (ESR), saturation transfer ESR (STESR), density functional theory (DFT), and molecular dynamics (MD) computations. Protonated TEMPOamine (I), a derivative of TEMPO having a positive charge and an octyl group on the quaternary nitrogen atom (II), and the neutral spin-labeled indole (III) are used as guests. To eliminate the overall complex rotation, the solutions of complexes in a solid CB[7] matrix were prepared. Resultantly, for all of the spin probes, the combined study of the conventional ESR and STESR spectra indicates the librational character of the rotational motion within the CB[7] cavity as opposed to the diffusional rotation over the whole solid angle. The kinetic accessibilities of the reporter NO groups to the paramagnetic complexes in aqueous solutions, determined by Heisenberg exchange broadening of the ESR spectra, together with the environment polarities from the hyperfine interaction values, as well as DFT computation results and MD simulations, were used to estimate the spin probe location relative to CB[7]. Utilizing the concept of the aqueous clusters surrounding the spin probes and CB[7] molecules and MD simulations has allowed the application of DFT to estimate the aqueous environment effects on the complexation energy and spatial structure of the guest-host complexes.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC7271031 | BioStudies | 2020-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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