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Screening for prevalence of current TB disease and latent TB infection in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients attending a diabetic clinic in an Indian tertiary care hospital.

ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND:Diabetes triples the risk of developing tuberculosis (TB). This study was designed to determine the prevalence of past and current TB disease and Latent TB infection (LTBI) in type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (NIDDM) patients. DESIGN:This was a prospective descriptive study on all NIDDM patients attending a Diabetic clinic. Detailed history, included details of previous history of TB (Past TB)and symptoms of active TB and a thorough physical exam was also done. When clinical suspicion of TB was present, appropriate investigations were carried out to diagnose 'Current TB'. Subsequently, 200 consecutive patients who were negative for Past and Current TB were screened for Latent TB infection (LTBI) by tuberculin skin test. RESULTS:Of 1000 NIDDM patients enrolled, 43(4.3%) had Past TB. Of remaining 957 patients, 50 were evaluated for New TB on the basis of suggestive symptoms and 10(1%) patients were confirmed to have Current TB. Risk factors for Past or Current TB 'DM-TB' in comparison with 'DM Only' group were; male sex (72% VS 57%; P = 0.033), manual laborer (28% VS 15%; P = 0.012), smoking (26% VS 14%; P = 0.015), alcohol consumption (23% VS 9%; P<0.001)& being on treatment with Insulin (40% VS 20%; P<0.001). There was a protective effect with being a home maker (17% VS 37%; P = 0.034&overweightstatus (53% VS 71%; P = 0.004). Of the 200 patient without Past or Current TB, who were screened for LTBI, 96(48%) patients were found to have LTBI. Male sex was the only significant risk factor for LTBI (72% VS 59%; P = 0.05). CONCLUSION:Past and Current TB was substantial in patients attending a Diabetic Clinic. Active symptom screening for TB in these clinics could lead to increase in case detection and earlier diagnosis.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC7274437 | BioStudies | 2020-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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