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Rhizoctonia solani AG 11 isolated for the first time from sugar beet in Poland.

ABSTRACT: Two isolates of Rhizoctonia solani AG11 were isolated from sugar beet seedlings from South-west Poland. Both isolates gave C2 reactions in anastomose pairings with the tester isolates of AG11. The membership of both isolates to AG11 was confirmed by analysis of pectic isozyme profiles, and by verification that the internal transcribed spacer sequences of both isolates matched the references in the GenBank database. Both AG11 isolates formed white-beige to creamy-colored mycelium with wide concentric zonation. One of them formed light-colored sclerotia. The average daily rate of hyphal growth at 21 °C was 22.8 mm and 22.6 mm on PDA. They were mildly pathogenic to sugar beet seedlings due to the mycelial and secondary metabolites' activity. The sensitivity to fungicides typically used in sugar beet protection was different for each isolate; one of them (isolate ID11) was less sensitive to thiram than the other (isolate ID3). This article discusses the worldwide occurrence of R. solani AG11, expands the currently known host range, shows its broad world distribution in regions of moderate climate, and confirms the isolates' low frequency.

SUBMITTER: Moliszewska E 

PROVIDER: S-EPMC7296492 | BioStudies | 2020-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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