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21-plex DiLeu Isobaric Tags for High-Throughput Quantitative Proteomics.

ABSTRACT: Isobaric tags enable multiplexed quantitative analysis of many biological samples in a single LC-MS/MS experiment. As a cost-effective alternative to expensive commercial isobaric tagging reagents, we developed our own custom N,N-dimethylleucine "DiLeu" isobaric tags for quantitative proteomics. Here, we present a new generation of DiLeu tags that achieves 21-plex quantification in high-resolution HCD MS/MS spectra via distinct reporter ions that differ in mass from each other by a minimum of 3 mDa. The 21-plex set retains the compact tag structure and existing isotopologues of the 12-plex set but includes nine new reporter variants formulated with unique configurations of 13C, 15N, and 2H stable isotopes, each synthesized in-house via a stepwise N-monomethylation synthesis strategy using readily available reagents. Thus, multiplexing capacity is expanded significantly, while preserving the performance and low cost of the previous implementation. We show that 21-plex DiLeu tags generate strong reporter ions following HCD fragmentation of labeled peptides acquired on Orbitrap platforms at a minimum of 60,000 resolving power (at 400 m/z), and we demonstrate accurate 21-plex quantification of labeled K562 human cell line protein digests via single-shot nanoLC-MS/MS analysis on a Q Exactive HF system.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC7306224 | BioStudies |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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