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Genotype Characteristics of Giardia duodenalis in Patients Using High Resolution Melting Analysis Technique in Khorramabad, Iran.

ABSTRACT: Background:We aimed at genotyping and evaluating the predominance of G. duodenalis assemblages isolated from patients referred to medical laboratories in Khorramabad, Iran from Nov 2015 to Sep 2016. Hence, the development of a cost-effective HRM approach to determine genotypes of G. duodenalis based on the triosephosphate isomerase (tpi) gene was examined and the genotyping results with and without diarrhea was compared. Methods:Seventy G. duodenalis positive fecal samples were collected. A microscopic confirmation for the presence of Giardia spp. was performed, cysts of 70 Giardia spp. positive specimens were concentrated using sucrose flotation technique and sucrose solution PCR amplification was performed on 69 of 70 (98.5%) samples, and High Resolution Melting (HRM) analysis was performed using a software. Results:The results showed two distinct genotypes (assemblages A and B) of G. duodenalis but infections with mixture of both assemblages were not detected. The genotypes of G. duodenalis showed that the sub assemblage AI, BIII and BIV were present in a proportion of 68.1%, 20.3% and 11.6% respectively in samples. Assemblage AI was significantly (P<0.05) more frequently found in patients with diarrhea. Conclusion:The sub-assemblage AI, BIII, and BIV are more zoonotic potential. According to the comparison of the results of this study with the results of previous studies in this area and around of it, as well as the way people live and keep pets. This pattern established in Khorramabad city. HRM can be an ideal technique to detect and genotyping of G. duodenalis in clinical samples.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC7311821 | BioStudies |

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