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Early OA Stage Like Response Occurs after Dynamic Stretching of Human Synovial Fibroblasts.

ABSTRACT: As events triggering early osteoarthritis onset can be related to mechanical stress and proinflammatory signaling, we investigated the effect of different mechanical strain protocols on the expression of proinflammatory genes, as well as extracellular matrix remodelling in human synovial fibroblasts. Three distinct models of tensile stretching were applied: static isotropic tensile strain at 0 Hz, 16% tension for 48 h; short-term high-frequency cyclic tension at 1 Hz, 10% tension for 4 h; and dynamic tensile stretching for 48 h, consisting of two blocks of moderate stretching at 0.2 Hz, 2%, advanced stretching at 0.5 Hz, 15%, or a combination of both. General signs of inflammation were present after static isotropic tension, whereas short-term high-frequency cyclic tension showed increased levels of IL-6 paired with diminished levels of IL-1?. Reduced inflammatory effects of TNF-?, IL-6, and IL-1? were observed when exposed to advanced stretching. Long-term tensile strain induced extracellular matrix remodelling at the gene and protein levels. While hyaluronan acid synthesis was increased with static tensile strain, dynamic tensile stretching had a reducing effect. Our study revealed that proinflammatory markers were activated by mechanical strain as seen in static isotropic tension and short-term high-frequency tensile strain, whereas long-term exposure induced extracellular matrix remodelling processes.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC7312748 | BioStudies | 2020-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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