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Complete genome sequence of sixteen plant growth promoting Streptomyces strains.

ABSTRACT: The genome sequences of 16 Streptomyces strains, showing potential for plant growth-promotion (PGP) activities in rice, sorghum, chickpea and pigeonpea, isolated from herbal vermicompost, have been decoded. The genome assemblies of the 16 Streptomyces strains ranged from 6.8?Mb to 8.31?Mb, with a GC content of 72 to 73%. The extent of sequence similarity (in terms of shared ortholog) in 16 Streptomyces strains showed 70 to 85% common genes to the closest publicly available Streptomyces genomes. It was possible to identify ~1,850 molecular functions across these 16 strains, of which close to 50% were conserved across the genomes of Streptomyces strains, whereas, ~10% were strain specific and the rest were present in various combinations. Genome assemblies of the 16 Streptomyces strains have also provided genes involved in key pathways related to PGP and biocontrol traits such as siderophores, auxin, hydrocyanic acid, chitinase and cellulase. Further, the genome assemblies provided better understanding of genetic similarity among target strains and with the publically available Streptomyces strains.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC7314817 | BioStudies |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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