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Data on the flexural vibration of thin plate with elastically restrained edges: Finite element method and wave based method simulations.

ABSTRACT: The data here reported refer to the numerical examples shown in the research article “Wave based method for flexural vibration of thin plate with general elastically restrained edges” (Liu et al., 2020 [1]). Within the examples, only the datasets regarding the plates with elastic or elastic-damping supports are provided. The datasets contain the raw data directly obtained from the forced vibration simulations. The simulations are carried out using two methods: the finite element method realized in ANSYS Mechanical APDL and the proposed wave based method (Liu et al., 2020 [1]), implemented in a MATLAB code. The data obtained from ANSYS serves as reference for the response of the plate under different boundary conditions. For each frequency, the transverse displacements of the plate at two pre-selected points are listed in the spreadsheet (e.g. MS Excel). When damping is present, they are separated into real part and imaginary part. This part of data can be used as reference when other novel methods are developed. The datasets obtained from MATLAB include the contribution factors as well as the wave functions. Based on them, one can obtain the displacement as a complex number at any point of the plate after a simple postprocessing. Postprocessing codes to obtain the frequency response function for a user-given point and the displacement field at a user-given frequency are also provided. This part of data presents much more information than the previous part as well as the corresponding results in the related research article. It makes it possible to see the responses at other points or other frequencies that are not considered in the research article, without repeating the time-consuming simulations. Moreover, if someone wants to further improve the wave based method, this part of data will be helpful, either for analysing the limitations of the proposed method or for more direct comparisons. Any research related to the flexural vibration of plate can also consider the data provided in this article.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC7334394 | BioStudies | 2020-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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