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Evaluation of Physiological Parameters of Intestinal Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria Isolated from Patients Suffering from IBD and Healthy People.

ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND:Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBDs) are multifactorial illnesses of the intestine, to which microorganisms are contributing. Among the contributing microorganisms, sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB) are suggested to be involved in the process of bowel inflammation due to the production of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) by dissimilatory sulfate reduction. The aims of our research were to physiologically examine SRB in fecal samples of patients with IBD and a control group, their identification, the study of the process of dissimilatory sulfate reduction (sulfate consumption and H2S production) and biomass accumulation. Determination of biogenic elements of the SRB and evaluation of obtained parameters by using statistical methods were also included in the research. The material for the research consisted of 14 fecal samples, which was obtained from patients and control subjects. METHODS:Microscopic techniques, microbiological, biochemical, biophysical methods and statistical analysis were included. RESULTS:Colonies of SRB were isolated from all the fecal samples, and subsequently, 35 strains were obtained. Vibrio-shaped cells stained Gram-negative were dominant in all purified studied strains. All strains had a high percentage of similarity by the 16S rRNA gene with deposited sequences in GenBank of Desulfovibrio vulgaris. Cluster analysis of sulfate reduction parameters allowed the grouping of SRB strains. Significant (p < 0.05) differences were not observed between healthy individuals and patients with IBD with regard to sulfate reduction parameters (sulfate consumption, H2S and biomass accumulation). Moreover, we found that manganese and iron contents in the cell extracts are higher among healthy individuals in comparison to unhealthy individuals that have an intestinal bowel disease, especially ulcerative colitis. CONCLUSIONS:The observations obtained from studying SRB emphasize differences in the intestinal microbial processes of healthy and unhealthy people.

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