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HER2 exon 20 insertions in non-small-cell lung cancer are sensitive to the irreversible pan-HER receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor pyrotinib.

ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND:Effective targeted therapy for non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients with human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2) mutations remains an unmet need. This study investigated the antitumor effect of an irreversible pan-HER receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor, pyrotinib. PATIENTS AND METHODS:Using patient-derived organoids and xenografts established from an HER2-A775_G776YVMA-inserted advanced lung adenocarcinoma patient sample, we investigated the antitumor activity of pyrotinib. Preliminary safety and efficacy of pyrotinib in 15 HER2-mutant NSCLC patients in a phase II clinical trial are also presented. RESULTS:Pyrotinib showed significant growth inhibition of organoids relative to afatinib in vitro (P?=?0.0038). In the PDX model, pyrotinib showed a superior antitumor effect than afatinib (P?=?0.0471) and T-DM1 (P?=?0.0138). Mice treated with pyrotinib displayed significant tumor burden reduction (mean tumor volume, -52.2%). In contrast, afatinib (25.4%) and T-DM1 (10.9%) showed no obvious reduction. Moreover, pyrotinib showed a robust ability to inhibit pHER2, pERK and pAkt. In the phase II cohort of 15 patients with HER2-mutant NSCLC, pyrotinib 400?mg resulted in a objective response rate of 53.3% and a median progression-free survival of 6.4?months. CONCLUSION:Pyrotinib showed activity against NSCLC with HER2 exon 20 mutations in both patient-derived organoids and a PDX model. In the clinical trial, pyrotinib showed promising efficacy. CLINICAL TRIAL REGISTRATION:NCT02535507.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC7360147 | BioStudies |

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