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Spontaneous and photosensitization-induced mutations in primary mouse cells transitioning through senescence and immortalization.

ABSTRACT: To investigate the role of oxidative stress-induced DNA damage and mutagenesis in cellular senescence and immortalization, here we profiled spontaneous and methylene blue plus light-induced mutations in the cII gene from λ phage in transgenic mouse embryonic fibroblasts during the transition from primary culture through senescence and immortalization. Consistent with detection of characteristic oxidized guanine lesions (8-oxodG) in the treated cells, we observed significantly increased relative cII mutant frequency in the treated pre-senescent cells which was augmented in their immortalized counterparts. The predominant mutation type in the treated pre-senescent cells was G:C→T:A transversion, whose frequency was intensified in the treated immortalized cells. Conversely, the prevailing mutation type in the treated immortalized cells was A:T→C:G transversion, with a unique sequence-context specificity, i.e. flanking purines at the 5' end of the mutated nucleotide. This mutation type was also enriched in the treated pre-senescent cells, although to a lower extent. The signature mutation of G:C→T:A transversions in the treated cells accorded with the well-established translesion synthesis bypass caused by 8-oxodG, and the hallmark A:T→C:G transversions conformed to the known replication errors because of oxidized guanine nucleosides (8-OHdGTPs). The distinctive features of photosensitization-induced mutagenesis in the immortalized cells, which were present at attenuated levels, in spontaneously immortalized cells provide insights into the role of oxidative stress in senescence bypass and immortalization. Our results have important implications for cancer biology because oxidized purines in the nucleoside pool can significantly contribute to genetic instability in DNA mismatch repair-defective human tumors.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC7380187 | BioStudies |

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