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Characterization and selection of functional yeast strains during sourdough fermentation of different cereal wholegrain flours.

ABSTRACT: The increasing demand for healthy baked goods boosted studies on sourdough microbiota with beneficial metabolic traits, to be used as potential functional starters. Here, 139 yeasts isolated from cereal-based fermented foods were in vitro characterized for their phytase and antioxidant activities. The molecular characterization at strain level of the best 39 performing isolates showed that they did not derive from cross contamination by baker's yeast. Afterwards, the 39 isolates were in vivo analyzed for their leavening ability, phytase activity and polyphenols content using five different wholegrain flours, obtained from conventional and pigmented common wheat, emmer and hull-less barley. Combining these findings, through multivariate permutation analysis, we identified the 2 best performing strains, which resulted diverse for each flour. Doughs singly inoculated with the selected strains were further analyzed for their antioxidant capacity, phenolic acids, xanthophylls and anthocyanins content. All the selected yeasts significantly increased the total antioxidant activity, the soluble, free and conjugated, forms of phenolic acids and anthocyanins of fermented doughs. This study revealed the importance of a specific selection of yeast strains for wholegrain flours obtained from different cereals or cultivars, in order to enhance the pro-technological, nutritional and nutraceutical traits of fermented doughs.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC7393511 | BioStudies | 2020-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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