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Impact of tobacco control interventions on smoking initiation, cessation, and prevalence: a systematic review.

ABSTRACT: This article investigates the effects of tobacco control policies on smoking initiation, cessation and prevalence by examining the papers published in the last 5 years. Twenty-one articles have been selected by two authors and sorted by four types of tobacco control: tobacco prices, anti-smoking campaigns for young people, mass media intervention and public smoking bans. Price/tax increase has deterrent effect on smoking initiation but does not promote smoking cessation; intervention on young people could reduce the smoking initiation if carried out at an early age and if acted on social skills and with peer-led approach, as opposed to restraining measures which hare generally easily circumvented by young people. The mass media campaigns showed positive effect on attempts to quit among smokers if carried forward over time and by involving multiple communication channels (TV, internet, radio). The bans in public have little effect on smoking cessation but could improve the overall well-being of non-smokers. Heterogeneous results have been described by different studies probably because of different research methodologies, cultural aspects and the really effective implementation of the rules for each country. In conclusion, comprehensive tobacco control interventions to reduce smoking prevalence and modify the smoking behavior are recommended. Moreover, the use of e-cigarettes and heat-not-burn (HnB) products, as possible helping tool for smoke cessation, currently remains controversial.

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