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Feasibility and Preliminary Effectiveness of a Tele-Prehabilitation Program in Esophagogastric Cancer Patients.

ABSTRACT: Tele-rehabilitation provides better access to healthcare services and optimizes exercise adherence. However, its feasibility and effectiveness are unknown in the preoperative period in esophagogastric cancer patients. We aimed to assess the feasibility and the preliminary effects of a "tele-prehabilitation" program in esophagogastric cancer patients requiring surgery. Enrolled participants performed an internet-based tele-prehabilitation including aerobic, resistance and inspiratory muscle training over 2-4 weeks. The primary outcome was feasibility, measured in terms of recruitment, retention and attendance rates, adverse events and patient satisfaction. Secondary outcomes (functional exercise capacity, fatigue, quality of life, anxiety and depression) were assessed at baseline, presurgery, and 4 and 12 weeks postsurgery. Among the 24 eligible subjects, 23 were enrolled, 22 performed the intervention and 15 completed the study. Recruitment and retention rates were both 96%. Attendances to aerobic and resistance sessions and inspiratory muscle training were 77% and 68%, respectively. No adverse events occurred, and the satisfaction was excellent. After prehabilitation, participants significantly improved fatigue (p = 0.039), quality of life (p = 0.009), physical well-being (p = 0.034), emotional well-being (p = 0.005) and anxiety (p = 0.044). This study demonstrated the feasibility of a tele-prehabilitation in esophagogastric cancer patients undergoing surgery, with a high recruitment rate, retention rate and satisfaction, a good attendance to exercise sessions and no exercise-related adverse events.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC7408844 | BioStudies | 2020-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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