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Tales of 1,008 small molecules: phenomic profiling through live-cell imaging in a panel of reporter cell lines.

ABSTRACT: Phenomic profiles are high-dimensional sets of readouts that can comprehensively capture the biological impact of chemical and genetic perturbations in cellular assay systems. Phenomic profiling of compound libraries can be used for compound target identification or mechanism of action (MoA) prediction and other applications in drug discovery. To devise an economical set of phenomic profiling assays, we assembled a library of 1,008 approved drugs and well-characterized tool compounds manually annotated to 218 unique MoAs, and we profiled each compound at four concentrations in live-cell, high-content imaging screens against a panel of 15 reporter cell lines, which expressed a diverse set of fluorescent organelle and pathway markers in three distinct cell lineages. For 41 of 83 testable MoAs, phenomic profiles accurately ranked the reference compounds (AUC-ROC???0.9). MoAs could be better resolved by screening compounds at multiple concentrations than by including replicates at a single concentration. Screening additional cell lineages and fluorescent markers increased the number of distinguishable MoAs but this effect quickly plateaued. There remains a substantial number of MoAs that were hard to distinguish from others under the current study's conditions. We discuss ways to close this gap, which will inform the design of future phenomic profiling efforts.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC7411054 | BioStudies | 2020-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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