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Reviewing the Reviewer: Medical Student Course Feedback as a Marker of Professional Identity Formation.

ABSTRACT: Professional identity formation refers to the process by which medical trainees develop and internalize their new roles. In this work, we analyze medical student evaluations of teaching (SETs) as a window into students' developing identities as physicians. Our data consisted of 389 open-ended comments written anonymously by first-year (pre-clerkship) students in mid- and end-of-semester evaluations of small group sessions (mandatory attendance) during one full academic year at Yale School of Medicine. Using a combination of existing frameworks on professional identity formation, the purpose of this project was to: (1) describe the characteristics of comments made by medical students about first-year courses and instructors; (2) categorize the student comments; and (3) explore the usefulness of comments as markers of students' professional identity formation as physicians. Having established baseline information, we hope to follow the same cohort of students through their medical school career to assess if and how their evaluative comments shed light on the development of their professional identities as physicians.

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