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Experiences and outcomes of craft skill learning with a 360° virtual learning environment and a head-mounted display.

ABSTRACT: Virtual reality environments (VLEs) such as 360° videos have been introduced as educational tools over the last few years, although the pedagogical value of these media has not been widely examined, especially in the context of craft skill learning. Moreover, emotions and competences have a great impact on the usability and adoption of ICT - and on learning. In this paper, mixed-method strategies were used to address these pedagogical and emotional needs in the context of craft learning and 360° VLE. Furthermore, a quasi-experimental design was used to compare learning outcomes of 360° VLE and traditional groups. Findings based on quantitative analysis suggest that negative or positive ICT-attitude did not affect how students experienced traditional or 360° lessons emotionally. However, ICT- and craft-competences had significant correlations with the described emotions. No significant differences in terms of learning outcomes were observed between the traditional and 360° teaching methods. According to the thematic analysis of the interviews, the 1st-person-view 360° VLE could be used for basic skill observation and visualization to support traditional hands-on learning. Moreover, a head-mounted display was considered to help with focusing on the demonstration. However, more interaction with the interface and opportunities for direct interaction with the instructor were seen as necessary in 360° VLEs for skill learning in the future.

SUBMITTER: Hallberg S 

PROVIDER: S-EPMC7452434 | BioStudies | 2020-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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