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Effects of Garlic Powder and Salt on Meat Quality and Microbial Loads of Rabbit Burgers.

ABSTRACT: The aim of the research study was to evaluate the effects of a common culinary spice such as garlic powder and salt addition on the quality and microbial shelf life of rabbit meat burgers. Rabbit burgers were evaluated for pH, the colour parameters, the water holding capacity and microbial loads during storage time of seven days at 4 °C. Four different formulations of burgers (n = 180 in total) were tested as control samples (only meat, C), burgers with garlic powder (at 0.25%, G), burgers with salt (at 1.00%, S) and burgers with both garlic powder and salt (0.25% and 1.00%, respectively, GS). As results, it was highlighted that garlic powder and salt addition significant affected pH, water holding capacity and some colour parameters of burgers. In particular, salt affected the pH of the raw burgers, leading to lower values that partially influenced all the colour parameters with higher a* values of S burgers. The mix of garlic powder and salt (GS burgers) showed mixed effects even if more closed to the G burgers than S ones. Salt expressed its properties of binding water molecules reducing drip and cooking losses in S and GS burgers. No variations in microbial loads were highlighted in relation to the formulations. Storage time affected all the parameters, highlighting a deterioration of the burgers' quality and an increase of the microbial loads.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC7466223 | BioStudies |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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