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Radiographic evaluation of patellar tendon length following corrective surgical procedures for medial patellar luxation in dogs.

ABSTRACT: OBJECTIVE:To quantify changes in the patellar tendon length following surgical correction of medial patellar luxation in dogs and evaluate potential risk factors associated with patellar tendon elongation. STUDY DESIGN:Retrospective case series (n = 50). METHODS:Dogs that underwent surgery for medial patellar luxation correction and had 2-3 months follow up were included. Digital radiographs were utilized to quantify the patellar tendon length to patellar length ratio at various follow-up points. Odds ratio comparisons between potential risk factors associated with changes in patellar tendon length were performed. RESULTS:Post-operative patellar tendon lengthening of ? 5% was observed in 20% of stifles and post-operative patellar tendon shortening of ? 5% was observed in 22% of stifles at the 2-3 month follow up period. The risk factors including age, body weight, trochleoplasty and grade of medial patellar luxation were not significantly associated with risk of patellar tendon elongation. Patellar tendon lengthening was not associated with recurrence of luxation. CONCLUSION:Patellar tendon lengthening and shortening can be observed in dogs following common medial patellar luxation corrective procedures in the short term follow up period. Patellar tendon lengthening does not appear to be associated with age, weight, trochleoplasty, grade of luxation, or risk of luxation recurrence.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC7473547 | BioStudies | 2020-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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