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Properties and temporal dynamics of choice- and action-predictive signals during item recognition decisions.

ABSTRACT: Decision-making is in the service of action regardless of whether the decision concerns perceptual information, goods or memories. Compared to recent advances in the neurobiology of perceptual or value-based decisions, however, the neural bases supporting the sampling of evidence in long-term memory, and the transformation of memory-based decisions into appropriate actions, are still poorly understood. In the present fMRI study, we used multivariate pattern analysis to investigate the temporal dynamics of choice- and action-predictive signals during an item recognition task that manipulated the association between memory choices (old/new) and motor responses (eye/hand) across subjects. Choice-predictive activity was mainly observed in striatal, lateral prefrontal and lateral parietal regions, was sensitive to the amount of decision evidence and showed a rapid increase after stimulus onset, followed by a fast decay. Action-predictive signals were found in primary sensory motor, premotor and occipito-parietal regions, were generally observed at the end of the decision phase and were not modulated by decision evidence. These findings suggest that a memory decision variable, potentially represented in a fronto-striato-parietal network, is not directly transformed into an action plan as often observed in perceptual decisions. Regions exhibiting choice predictive activity, and especially the striatum, however, also showed a second peak of decision-related activity that, unlike pure choice- or action-predictive signals, depended on the particular choice-response association. This second peak of activity in the striatum might represent the neural signature of the transformation of a memory decision into an appropriate motor response based on the specific choice-response association.

SUBMITTER: Guidotti R 

PROVIDER: S-EPMC7473849 | BioStudies | 2020-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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