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Interpersonal psychotherapy for the prevention of binge-eating disorder and adult obesity in an African American adolescent military dependent boy.



Military adolescent boys report similar levels of disordered-eating as their female counterparts. Yet, interventions for the prevention of full-threshold eating disorders in adolescent boys are lacking. Interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT), an evidenced-based therapy adapted for the prevention of BED and adult obesity, has been studied in adolescent girls, but it is unclear whether IPT might resonate with adolescent boys.


The current case study elucidates the use of a 12-week IPT group intervention for the prevention of BED and adult obesity in adulthood for an African American adolescent military dependent boy with reported loss-of-control (LOC)-eating, obesity, and elevated mood symptoms.


LOC-eating and body mass index metrics decreased immediately post-intervention and further decreased by one-year follow-up. Social functioning scores improved and anxiety and depression scores decreased from baseline to one-year follow-up. In contrast to previous observations among girls, these improvements were evidenced without the teen's explicit acknowledgement of the link between mood and eating behaviors.


Although the mechanism of change may manifest differently than for girls, adapted IPT may be an effective intervention strategy for adolescent boys with LOC-eating and obesity who endorse elevated mood symptoms.

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