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Alteration of gene expression in mice after glaucoma filtration surgery.

ABSTRACT: To clarify the early alterations of gene expression using a mouse model of glaucoma filtration surgery, we carried out microarray expression analysis. Using BALB/c mice, a filtration surgery model was made by incision of the limbal conjunctiva, followed by the insertion of a 33G needle tip into the anterior chamber, and 11-0 nylon sutures. Subgroups of mice were treated intraoperatively with 0.4 mg/ml mitomycin-C (MMC). At day 3 after surgery the bleb was maintained. The bleb region tissue was sampled 3 days after the filtration surgery, and gene expression analysis was carried out using a mouse Agilent 8?×?60 K array. We found 755 hyperexpressed transcripts in the bleb region compared to control conjunctiva. The hyperexpressed transcripts included epithelial cell metaplasia-related (Il1b, Krt16, Sprr1b), inflammation-related (Ccl2, Il6) and wound healing-related (Lox, Timp1) genes. We also found downregulation of a goblet cell marker gene (Gp2) in the bleb conjunctiva. MMC treatment suppressed elastin (Eln) gene expression and enhanced keratinization-related gene expression (Krt1, Lor) in the bleb region. Our results suggest the importance of epithelial wound healing after filtration surgery, and this filtration surgery model will be a useful tool for further pathophysiological analysis.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC7490364 | BioStudies | 2020-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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