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Obesity Alters Spinopelvic Alignment Changes From Standing to Relaxed Sitting: the Influence of the Soft-tissue Envelope

ABSTRACT: Background Changes in spinopelvic and lower extremity alignment between standing and relaxed sitting have important clinical implications with regard to stability of total hip arthroplasty. This study aimed to analyze the effect of body mass index (BMI) on lumbopelvic alignment and motion at the hip joint. Methods A retrospective review of patients who underwent full-body stereoradiographs in standing and relaxed sitting for total hip arthroplasty planning was conducted. Spinopelvic parameters measured included spinopelvic tilt (SPT), pelvic incidence (PI), lumbar lordosis (LL), PI minus LL (PI-LL), proximal femoral shaft angle (PFSA), and standing-to-sitting hip range of motion. Propensity score matching controlled for age, gender, PI, and hip ostoarthritis grade. Patients were stratified into normal (NORMAL; BMI, 18.5-24.9), overweight (OW; 25.0-29.9), and obese (OB; 30.0-34.9) groups. Alignment parameters were compared using one-way analysis of variance. Results There were 84 patients in each group after propensity score matching. Standing alignment between BMI groups was similar for all parameters (P > .05) except for PFSA (P < .001). Significant differences were noted for sitting alignment between patients who are NORMAL, OW, and OB in: SPT (P = .007), PI-LL (P = .018), and LL (P = .029). PFSA between groups was not significantly different (P > .05). Significant differences were found for sitting-to-standing alignment across groups in PFSA change (P < .001), SPT change (P = .006), PI-LL change (P = .005), LL change (P = .037), and hip flexion (P < .001). Conclusions Significant differences in sitting and standing-to-sitting change in lumbopelvic alignment based on BMI suggest obese patients recruit more posterior spinopelvic tilt when sitting to compensate for soft-tissue impingement that occurs anterior to the hip joint and limiting hip flexion.

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