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The impact of fremanezumab on medication overuse in patients with chronic migraine: subgroup analysis of the HALO CM study.

ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND:We evaluated the efficacy of fremanezumab, a fully humanized monoclonal antibody that selectively targets calcitonin gene-related peptide, in patients with chronic migraine (CM) with and without medication overuse (MO). METHODS:In a 12-week, phase 3 trial, patients with CM were randomized to fremanezumab quarterly (675?mg/placebo/placebo), monthly (675?mg/225?mg/225?mg), or placebo. Post hoc analyses assessed the impact of fremanezumab in patients with and without MO (monthly use of acute headache medication ?15?days, migraine-specific acute medication ?10?days, or combination medication ?10?days) on efficacy outcomes, including headache days of at least moderate severity (HDs), and six-item Headache Impact Test (HIT-6) and Migraine-Specific Quality of Life (MSQoL) questionnaire scores. RESULTS:Of 1130 patients enrolled, 587 (51.9%) had baseline MO. Fremanezumab reduced placebo-adjusted least-squares mean (95% confidence interval) monthly HDs (-?2.2 [-?3.1 to -?1.2] and?-?2.7 [-?3.7 to -?1.8]; P?

PROVIDER: S-EPMC7507645 | BioStudies |

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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