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Interactions among IGF-1, AKT2, FOXO1, and FOXO3 variations and between genes and physical activities on physical performance in community-dwelling elders.

ABSTRACT: This study assessed the interactions among IGF-1, AKT2, FOXO1, and FOXO3 variations and the interactions of gene and physical activity on handgrip strength, arm muscle mass-adjusted handgrip (armGrip), gait speed (GS), timed up and go (TUG), and leg press strength (LPS). Nine single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) containing three IGF-1 SNPs (rs6214, rs5742692, and rs35767), two AKT2 SNPs (rs892119 and rs35817154), two FOXO1 SNPs (rs17446593 and rs10507486), and two FOXO3 SNPs (rs9480865 and rs2153960) were genotyped in 472 unrelated elders with a mean age of 73.8 years. We observed significant interactions of IGF-1 SNP rs6214 and rs35767 with regular physical activity on TUG and GS; and AKT2 SNP rs892119 and FOXO3 SNP rs9480865 with regular physical activity on armGrip. Genotype GG of IGF-1 rs6214 and rs35767 in individuals without regular physical activity had poor performance in TUG and GS, as well as GG of AKT2 rs892119 decreased armGrip in individuals without regular physical activity. After FDR adjustment, no significant gene-gene interactions were found. A sedentary lifestyle may increase the risk of impairing physical performance and regular physical activity is a remedy for sarcopenia, even a little regular physical activity can overcome carrying some risk alleles in this pathway.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC7521683 | BioStudies | 2020-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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