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Associated factors of REM sleep without atonia in younger (? 50 years) hospitalized psychiatric patients

ABSTRACT: Background Isolated REM sleep without atonia (RSWA) as a main polysomnograhic feature of REM sleep behaviour disorder (RBD) is thought to be a prodromal or subclinical state of the disease. RSWA/RBD occurence in psychiatric population is much more frequent than in general population but its associated factors are still not known. Methods We invited 88 psychiatry in-patients to undervent video-polysomnography. The visual scoring was focused on RSWA in submentales and flexores digitales superficiales muscles. This parametr was subsequently correlated mainly with age/gender, their medication and mental status. Results The RWSA was mostly still in normal range despite the fact, that selected psychiatry patients (? 50?years) were taking several classes of psychoactive medication. 3,6% had convincingly RBD, although 35.7% reported rare lifetime occurence of dream-enacting behaviour and 62.8% sporadic nightmares. We found correlation between RSWA and SNRI medication class (p?=?0.015), specifically venlafaxine (p?=?0.029) as well as quetiapine (p?=?0.030). Another significant associated factors were current anxiety (p?

PROVIDER: S-EPMC7528593 | BioStudies |

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