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Maize Introgression Library Provides Evidence for the Involvement of liguleless1 in Resistance to Northern Leaf Blight.

ABSTRACT: Plant disease resistance is largely governed by complex genetic architecture. In maize, few disease resistance loci have been characterized. Near-isogenic lines are a powerful genetic tool to dissect quantitative trait loci. We analyzed an introgression library of maize (Zea mays) near-isogenic lines, termed a nested near-isogenic line library for resistance to northern leaf blight caused by the fungal pathogen Setosphaeria turcica The population was comprised of 412 BC5F4 near-isogenic lines that originated from 18 diverse donor parents and a common recurrent parent, B73. Single nucleotide polymorphisms identified through genotyping by sequencing were used to define introgressions and for association analysis. Near-isogenic lines that conferred resistance and susceptibility to northern leaf blight were comprised of introgressions that overlapped known northern leaf blight quantitative trait loci. Genome-wide association analysis and stepwise regression further resolved five quantitative trait loci regions, and implicated several candidate genes, including Liguleless1, a key determinant of leaf architecture in cereals. Two independently-derived mutant alleles of liguleless1 inoculated with S. turcica showed enhanced susceptibility to northern leaf blight. In the maize nested association mapping population, leaf angle was positively correlated with resistance to northern leaf blight in five recombinant inbred line populations, and negatively correlated with northern leaf blight in four recombinant inbred line populations. This study demonstrates the power of an introgression library combined with high density marker coverage to resolve quantitative trait loci. Furthermore, the role of liguleless1 in leaf architecture and in resistance to northern leaf blight has important applications in crop improvement.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC7534436 | BioStudies |

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