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Linear and branched ?-Glucans degrading enzymes from versatile Bacteroides uniformis JCM 13288T and their roles in cooperation with gut bacteria.

ABSTRACT: ?-glucans are the dietary nutrients present in oats, barley, algae, and mushrooms. The macromolecules are well known for their immune-modulatory activity; however, how the human gut bacteria digest them is vaguely understood. In this study, Bacteroides uniformis JCM 13288 T was found to grow on laminarin, pustulan, and porphyran. We sequenced the genome of the strain, which was about 5.05 megabase pairs and contained 4868 protein-coding genes. On the basis of growth patterns of the bacterium, two putative polysaccharide utilization loci for ?-glucans were identified from the genome, and associated four putative genes were cloned, expressed, purified, and characterized. Three glycoside hydrolases (GHs) that were endo-acting enzymes (BuGH16, BuGH30, and BuGH158), and one which was an exo-acting (BuGH3) enzyme. The BuGH3, BuGH16, and BuGH158 can cleave linear exo/endo- ?- 1-3 linkages while BuGH30 can digest endo- ?- 1-6 linkages. BuGH30 and BuGH158 were further explored for their roles in digesting ?- glucans and generation of oligosaccharides, respectively. The BuGH30 predominately found to cleave long chain ?- 1-6 linked glucans, and obtained final product was gentiobiose. The BuGH158 used for producing oligosaccharides varying from degree of polymerization 2 to 7 from soluble curdlan. We demonstrated that these oligosaccharides can be utilized by gut bacteria, which either did not grow or poorly grew on laminarin. Thus, B. uniformis JCM 13288 T is not only capable of utilizing ?-glucans but also shares these glycans with human gut bacteria for potentially maintaining the gut microbial homeostasis.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC7553746 | BioStudies | 2020-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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