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Factors Influencing Energy Drink Consumption in Participants and Viewers of Extreme Sports.

ABSTRACT: Objective:To quantify energy drink consumption and influences affecting consumption in those who participate in or watch extreme sports. Methods:An online survey, informed by focus groups, was administered via Quadrics®. Advertisement was via social media, emailing extreme sport clubs, flyers at extreme sport locations, and word of mouth. Participation was limited to those >18?y who watched and/or participated in extreme sports. The study was conducted in New Zealand, with international online availability. Variables measured comprised age, sex, energy drink consumption, reasons for their use, extreme sport viewing, advertising, and sponsorship. Logistic regression models were utilised. Results:Amongst participants who completed the questionnaire (n?=?247), the mean (SD) age was 26.2 (8.2) y, 40.5% were female, 57.9% consumed energy drinks, and 25.5% consumed >one per week. For every year older, odds of consuming energy drinks were 3.1% lower (p=0.04). A 31% increase in energy drink consumption for every single increase of viewing extreme sport per week was observed (p=0.009); however, reported viewing of advertising was not associated with increased consumption. Conclusions:A large proportion of extreme sport enthusiasts regularly consume energy drinks, especially younger adults. Extreme sport viewing, where energy drink sponsorship is common, appears to increase their consumption, even if not considered advertising by the viewers themselves.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC7563047 | BioStudies |

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