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Coverage of non-receipt of cash transfer (Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty) and associated factors among older persons in the Mampong Municipality, Ghana - a quantitative analysis.

ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND:Social assistance in the form of cash transfer or in-kind has been recognised as a social protection strategy in many developing countries to tackle poverty and provide protection for individuals and households. Ghana's cash grant programme, Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP), was introduced in 2008 to support selected households with vulnerable persons including older people 65?years and above, and persons with disabilities. This paper examined the coverage of non-receipt of LEAP, and the associated factors among older persons (65+ years) in the Mampong Municipality, Ghana. METHODS:Data were extracted from the Ageing, Social Protection and Health Systems (ASPHS) survey carried out between September 2017 and October 2017 among older persons residing in LEAP-targeted communities. Data were analysed using descriptive and sequential logistic regression model techniques. RESULTS:The mean age of respondents was 77.0?years and 62.3% were females. Rural residents constituted 59.0%. About 42.0% had no formal education and only 20.5% had no form of caregiving. Non-receipt of LEAP was 82.7% among study respondents. The fully adjusted model showed that being married (AOR?=?3.406, CI 1.127-10.290), residing in an urban location (AOR?=?3.855, CI 1.752-8.484), having attained primary level of education (AOR?=?0.246, CI 0.094-0.642), and not residing in the same household with a primary caregiver (AOR?=?6.088, CI 1.814-20.428) were significantly associated with non-receipt of cash grant among older persons. CONCLUSION:These results provide the first quantitative estimates of non-receipt coverage and its associated factors with the LEAP programme, which can inform the design of government policies related to cash transfers for older persons. The need for further research using different approaches to understand and explain the impact of cash grants on older persons' well-being is crucial in strengthening old age social support care mechanisms in Ghana.

SUBMITTER: Ottie-Boakye D 

PROVIDER: S-EPMC7566032 | BioStudies | 2020-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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