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Emergency videoendoscopic endonasal tracheal intubation for severe upper airway stenosis.

ABSTRACT: PURPOSE:Upper airway stenosis is one of the most formidable situations in medicine and is frequently encountered in the ENT clinic. We introduce here our method of emergency endonasal endotracheal intubation under videoendoscopic observation. METHODS:Transnasal endoscopic observation was done, and the region of airway stenosis was detected. Then, the endotracheal tube was prepared and the endoscope was inserted into the tube. The endoscope with tube was inserted up to the larynx. Immediately after the administration of lidocaine to the larynx, the endoscope with tube was inserted to the endolarynx and then to the trachea. The endotracheal tube was tightly held in the nostril, and the endoscope was removed. RESULTS:We have encountered four cases this year. The primary disease developing airway stenosis was acute epiglottitis due to pharyngeal and deep neck abscesses in three cases and laryngeal edema due to Ludwig's angina. All patients underwent uneventful intubation, and dyspnea was immediately ceased. CONCLUSION:In cases showing severe suffocation, the clinician should perform airway maintenance even in an outpatient setting apart from a more monitored setting like the operation room. This technique resembles the usual nasal endoscopic laryngeal observation and is done even in the usual ENT office and/or emergency room. The supine position tends to worsen airway stenosis in patients with upper airway stenosis; however, this technique can be performed in a sitting or semi-sitting position. This method is less invasive for patients and also reduces the risk to the medical staff, especially in this COVID-19 era.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC7578743 | BioStudies | 2020-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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