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Induced Short-Term Hearing Loss due to Stimulation of Age-Related Factors by Intermittent Hypoxia, High-Fat Diet, and Galactose Injection.

ABSTRACT: Age-related hearing loss (ARHL) is the most common sensory disorder among the elderly, associated with aging and auditory hair cell death due to oxidative-stress-induced mitochondrial dysfunction. Although transgenic mice and long-term aging induction cultures have been used to study ARHL, there are currently no ARHL animal models that can be stimulated by intermittent environmental changes. In this study, an ARHL animal model was established by inducing continuous oxidative stress to promote short-term aging of cells, determined on the basis of expression of hearing-loss-induced phenotypes and aging-related factors. The incidence of hearing loss was significantly higher in dual- and triple-exposure conditions than in intermittent hypoxic conditions, high-fat diet (HFD), or d-galactose injection alone. Continuous oxidative stress and HFD accelerated cellular aging. An increase in Ucp2, usually expressed during mitochondrial dysfunction, was observed. Expression of Cdh23, Slc26a4, Kcnq4, Myo7a, and Myo6, which are ARHL-related factors, were modified by oxidative stress in the cells of the hearing organ. We found that intermittent hypoxia, HFD, and galactose injection accelerated cellular aging in the short term. Thus, we anticipate that the development of this hearing loss animal model, which reflects the effects of intermittent environmental changes, will benefit future research on ARHL.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC7582260 | BioStudies |

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