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Advantages in Wound Healing Process in Female Mice Require Upregulation A2A-Mediated Angiogenesis under the Stimulation of 17?-Estradiol.

ABSTRACT: Estrogenic steroids and adenosine A2A receptors promote the wound healing and angiogenesis processes. However, so far, it is unclear whether estrogen may regulate the expression and pro-angiogenic activity of A2A receptors. Using in vivo analyses, we showed that female wild type (WT) mice have a more rapid wound healing process than female or male A2A-deficient mice (A2AKO) mice. We also found that pulmonary endothelial cells (mPEC) isolated from female WT mice showed higher expression of A2A receptor than mPEC from male WT mice. mPEC from female WT mice were more sensitive to A2A-mediated pro-angiogenic response, suggesting an ER and A2A crosstalk, which was confirmed using cells isolated from A2AKO. In those female cells, 17?-estradiol potentiated A2A-mediated cell proliferation, an effect that was inhibited by selective antagonists of estrogen receptors (ER), ER?, and ER?. Therefore, estrogen regulates the expression and/or pro-angiogenic activity of A2A adenosine receptors, likely involving activation of ER? and ER? receptors. Sexual dimorphism in wound healing observed in the A2AKO mice process reinforces the functional crosstalk between ER and A2A receptors.

SUBMITTER: Troncoso F 

PROVIDER: S-EPMC7583763 | BioStudies | 2020-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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