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Beyond Size Complementary Factors in Anion-Tetralactam Macrocycle Complexes: From Intrinsic Gas-Phase to Solvent-Predicted Stabilities.

ABSTRACT: The gas-phase affinities of different types of anions X- (halogen anions, oxoanions, and hydrogenated anions) toward a model tetralactam-based macrocycle receptor (1), defined in terms of stability of an anion-receptor complex (1 + X-) against its disintegration, were evaluated by dissociation studies using a mass spectrometry-based methodology and supported by theoretical calculations (density functional theory-PBE0). The gas-phase complex with Cl- was found to be tailor-made for the macrocycle 1, while 1 + SA- (SA- = salicylate anion) and 1 + HSO4- were the weakest ones. Other complexes displayed a relatively low-stability dispersion (<1.2 kcal·mol-1). The 1/?r approach of the electrostatic contribution scaling method was used to predict the stability trends in a dimethyl sulfoxide solvent from the gas-phase binding energy partition using the symmetry-adapted perturbation theory. High deformation energy and differences in solvation energies were suggested to be the main sources of inconsistency in the predicted and experimental stabilities of 1 + F- and 1 + H2PO4- complexes.

SUBMITTER: Zimnicka M 

PROVIDER: S-EPMC7590939 | BioStudies | 2020-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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