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Selective postsaccadic enhancement of motion perception.

ABSTRACT: Saccadic eye movements can drastically affect motion perception: during saccades, the stationary surround is swept rapidly across the retina and contrast sensitivity is suppressed. However, after saccades, contrast sensitivity is enhanced for color and high-spatial frequency stimuli and reflexive tracking movements known as ocular following responses (OFR) are enhanced in response to large field motion. Additionally, OFR and postsaccadic enhancement of neural activity in primate motion processing areas are well correlated. It is not yet known how this postsaccadic enhancement arises. Therefore, we tested if the enhancement can be explained by changes in the balance of centre-surround antagonism in motion processing, where spatial summation is favoured at low contrasts and surround suppression is favoured at high contrasts. We found motion perception was selectively enhanced immediately after saccades for high spatial frequency stimuli, consistent with previously reported selective postsaccadic enhancement of contrast sensitivity for flashed high spatial frequency stimuli. The observed enhancement was also associated with changes in spatial summation and suppression, as well as contrast facilitation and inhibition, suggesting that motion processing is augmented to maximise visual perception immediately after saccades. The results highlight that spatial and contrast properties of underlying neural mechanisms for motion processing can be affected by an antecedent saccade for highly detailed stimuli and are in line with studies that show behavioural and neuronal enhancement of motion processing in non-human primates.

PROVIDER: S-EPMC7611369 | BioStudies |

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