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Effects of orientation and structure on solar radiation interception in Chinese solar greenhouse.

ABSTRACT: In order to further improve the utilization of solar energy in Chinese Solar Greenhouse (CSG), this paper systematically studied the effects of orientation and structure on solar radiation interception in CSG. A solar radiation model has been developed based on the previous research, which taking solar motion law, meteorological data, and optical properties of materials into consideration. The established model was used to optimize the orientation and structure of CSG. The analysis of structure considered two major structural parameters, which are the ridge height and the horizontal projection of the rear roof. Moreover, the widely used Liao-Shen type Chinese solar greenhouse (CSG-LS) has been taken as the prototype in the present research, and the measured data of the typical clear day was used for the model validation. The results showed that the ridge height has a remarkable influence on the solar energy captured by CSG-LS. Compared with the optimization of a single factor, the comprehensive optimization of orientation and structure can increase the solar radiation interception of the rear wall by 3.95%. Considering the limiting factor of heat storage-release capacity and the shading effect on the greenhouse structure, the optimal lighting construction of the CSG-LS (with a span of 9.0 m) was specified as 7~9° from south to west of azimuth angle, 4.5~4.7 m ridge height, and 1.4~1.6 m horizontal projection of the rear roof at 42°N latitude. The proposed solar radiation model can provide scientific guidance for the CSG-LS construction in different areas.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC7647090 | BioStudies | 2020-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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