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Toll-like receptor 4 polymorphisms in Saudi population with cardiovascular diseases.

ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND:Toll-like receptors play a substantial role in innate immunity and the effects of TLR4 genetic variants on cardiovascular diseases are still largely unknown. Therefore, we aimed to investigate the effects of TLR4 polymorphisms on cardiovascular diseases risk in the Saudi population. METHODS:Three tag single-nucleotide polymorphisms (rs2770150, rs10759931, and rs4986790) in TLR4 were studied on 222 unrelated patients with cardiovascular diseases and 190 healthy volunteers. RESULTS:We found that, in patients over 60 years old, the frequency of the TT genotype in rs2770150 and the variant allele G in rs10759931 were higher compared to the control group. Based on gender, the genotype frequency of rs2770150 increases the risk for cardiovascular diseases in female patients by 3.6-fold. The allele frequency for the G allele of rs10759931 increased the risk for CVDs in male patients by more than 1.5-fold. Furthermore, the genotype frequency of rs2770150 had a significant association with cardiovascular diseases in patients without hypertension and G allele of rs10759931 significantly increased the risk of cardiovascular diseases in patients that smoked. After Bonferroni correction only patients without hypertension showed significant risk of CVD with rs2770150. CONCLUSION:A deeper understanding of the genetic variability of TLR4 will enable us to better identification of biomarkers for early detection and prognosis, and also enhance the decision-making process of treatments for cardiovascular diseases.


PROVIDER: S-EPMC7650605 | BioStudies | 2019-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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