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Agreement of Gait Events Detection during Treadmill Backward Walking by Kinematic Data and Inertial Motion Units.

ABSTRACT: Backward walking (BW) is being increasingly used in neurologic and orthopedic rehabilitation as well as in sports to promote balance control as it provides a unique challenge to the sensorimotor control system. The identification of initial foot contact (IC) and terminal foot contact (TC) events is crucial for gait analysis. Data of optical motion capture (OMC) kinematics and inertial motion units (IMUs) are commonly used to detect gait events during forward walking (FW). However, the agreement between such methods during BW has not been investigated. In this study, the OMC kinematics and inertial data of 10 healthy young adults were recorded during BW and FW on a treadmill at different speeds. Gait events were measured using both kinematics and inertial data and then evaluated for agreement. Excellent reliability (Interclass Correlation > 0.9) was achieved for the identification of both IC and TC. The absolute differences between methods during BW were 18.5 ± 18.3 and 20.4 ± 15.2 ms for IC and TC, respectively, compared to 9.1 ± 9.6 and 10.0 ± 14.9 for IC and TC, respectively, during FW. The high levels of agreement between methods indicate that both may be used for some applications of BW gait analysis.

SUBMITTER: Gottlieb U 

PROVIDER: S-EPMC7664179 | BioStudies | 2020-01-01

REPOSITORIES: biostudies

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